Indoor or Outdoor Cannabis


It’s easy to lose hours scouring the internet for information on whether to grow indoors or outside. Is it true that indoor plants have a higher potency? Will you receive higher yields if you go outside? These are common inquiries with surprisingly sophisticated responses. But we’re here to assist you. Continue reading to learn whether growing indoors or outdoors is the better option for you.

What Is the Difference Between an Indoor and an Outdoor Grow System?

What’s the difference between growing indoors and outdoors? To cultivate cannabis indoors, you don’t need a space-age setup, and to grow it outdoors, you don’t have to let it go altogether. For many people, a greenhouse may be the ideal bridge between the two.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Cannabis can be grown indoors in a variety of ways. There is no single sort of indoor cultivation, ranging from ultra high-tech hydroponics to a pitiful little seed stashed in a cupboard. Indoor grows, on the other hand, often have more stable circumstances, are less susceptible to pests and disease, and the grower has far greater control over the plant’s life cycle. Indoors, cannabis may be grown year-round using artificial light, however outdoors, you are limited by the seasons.

Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Similarly, cultivating cannabis outdoors isn’t as simple as tossing some seeds on the ground and hoping for the best. It’s possible, though. Outdoor-grown cannabis is more likely to withstand the environment and pestilence over its lifecycle. Exposure to the sun and its cycles, on the other hand, has its advantages.

Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

Greenhouse cultivation is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor cultivation. While the grower enjoys the benefits of natural light and the day/night cycle, they also have more control over their surroundings. In comparison to outside, temperature, humidity, and pests are considerably easier to control in a greenhouse. Indeed, greenhouses provide greater control over temperature and humidity for individuals without a significant setup.


How Do Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Grown Cannabis Compare?


When it comes to evaluating indoor vs outdoor produced cannabis, this is likely to be the most pressing worry for the majority of individuals. Indoor grows are generally easier to attain better potency because to the controlled atmosphere. On indoor produced buds, the potential for a bigger trichome volume also means a higher density of THC crystals.

In practice, though, it is not so straightforward. Plants from the same clones both indoors and outdoors for several years, and the results are surprising. When compared to weed grown indoors, they discovered that weed grown outdoors contains a higher proportion of all cannabinoids and terpenes. It stands to reason that weed plants would reach their full potential in the big outdoors if the sun and soil conditions were ideal.

But there’s a catch: optimal conditions. For the most part, a controlled indoor grow will probably produce better results than one in your garden. Outdoors, the results will vary dramatically depending on whether you’re growing on Amsterdam or in California.

Flavor / Taste

The same may be said for taste. Indoors, the flavors are frequently more powerful. However, it should be remembered that the strain itself is the most crucial aspect in terms of flavor. The terpene profile of a cannabis plant will not alter as a result of the environment in which it grows, for example, from earthy to fruity.


When compared to indoor cannabis, outdoor cannabis is supposed to provide a more relaxed, “natural” high. To some extent, this is correct. However, this is not always the case. In the end, the processes that occur inside the plants are the same regardless of where they are cultivated. The manner in which they are grown impacts whether or not certain qualities are realized.


Most people will find that growing plants indoors is a safer option. It is possible to establish a very stable atmosphere in which your plants will thrive with very little equipment. Indoors is the safest option for everything from optimum humidity to illness protection.

If the outdoor atmosphere is rich and acceptable, though, you will be able to get the most out of your cannabis plants in a way that you won’t be able to achieve indoors. So, like with many things in life, while being outside entails more risk, it also entails greater gain. However, some plants will just be unable to thrive in the open air. Those who can, however, may expect tremendous harvests when compared to growing indoors.

In the end, the grower determines the quality of the finished product. A well-developed cannabis plant, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, will be remarkable, whereas a poorly grown one will be a flop.

Cannabis strains are also more adapted to specific conditions. So, once you’ve decided on a grow, choose a strain that fits your needs and care it nicely. A plant that receives sufficient light, nutrition, ventilation, and affection will flourish. They will suffer if they do not have these items.

So, in reality, the best plant is one that is cultivated under the finest possible conditions. It makes no difference whether these are held outside or inside. Simply evaluate the various situations available to you and select the most appropriate one.

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