Dabbing 101: How to Dab?

What are concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are cannabis plant-based products that have been processed. Only the most beneficial parts of the plant, terpenes and cannabinoids, are left behind when cannabis concentrates are processed. It removes excess plant debris and contaminants that would otherwise be absorbed during traditional flower consumption. A pipe or a joint, for example.

Cannabis concentrates are more concentrated and strong than other options, as the name implies. Different extraction procedures result in various types of concentrate. Mechanical separation will yield dry sift or rosin, whereas chemical solvents like butane will yield “shatter,” “budder,” “sap,” or “crumble,” depending on the temperature and pressure utilized in the operation. THC levels in these concentrates are typically substantially higher than in a typical smoking session. Concentrate THC levels can range from 70 to 90 percent, which is significantly greater than any marijuana you could roll up and smoke. Which usually range from ten percent to twenty-five percent. If you’re new to concentrates, start with extremely modest amounts and work your way up. Don’t ruin the experience for yourself by getting too high and overdoing it.

What is the best way to use concentrates?

The majority of individuals associate cannabis consumption with smoking a joint or eating an edible. However, there are various means of consumption, such as dabbing. While concentrates can be used in classic smoking techniques such as a glass pipe or by simply adding them to your joint, dabbing is the most effective way to use them. Unlike traditional bowls, concentrate dabs require much less material to consume.

What is the definition of dabbing?

Simply explained, dabbing is the practice of putting a small amount of concentrated cannabis extract on a hot surface and letting it to vaporize. This produces a strong vapor that may be inhaled through a glass pipe that resembles a typical bong in appearance and function.

How to dab?

Before you begin dabbing, you’ll need a few tools. You’ll need a dab rig, which commonly includes a mouthpiece and a “quartz banger” or “nail.” If you already have a water pipe, you might be able to construct a dabbing rig by swapping out the attachments.

  • A dab rig is a glass water pipe used to dab cannabis concentrates.
  • A “quartz banger” or “nail” is a term used to describe a piece of quartz that has been hammered into place. The cannabis concentrate is held in this container, which fits within the dab rig.
  • The quartz banger is covered with a “bubble cap” or “carb cap” that retains the vapor from the cannabis concentrates.
  • You’ll use a torch to warm up the quartz banger.
  • A dabber is a tool for applying cannabis concentrate to your nail.

Dab technology is rapidly evolving, and you may not need all of these different tools in the future. For the time being, though, these are the finest instruments to have on hand if you want to have a wonderful dabbing experience.

You’re all set to dab at this point. It’s a rather simple procedure to follow. Simply comply with the following guidelines:

  • Start the torch and aim it at the quartz banger or nail.
  • Heat the quartz banger until it reaches a red-hot temperature.
  • Turn the torch off.
  • Allow the quartz banger to cool to a temperature of 270-315 degrees Celsius, which is ideal.
  • Apply a small amount of cannabis concentrate (the size of a crumb) to the quartz banger using your dabber.
  • Slowly inhale while you rotate the dabber on the nail (this helps you avoid wasting any product).
  • Exhale
  • Always begin with a modest amount of cannabis concentrate. When it comes to dabbing, a little goes a long way.

Tips on dabbing

Maintain the cleanliness of your work at all times. A clean rig’s flavor and experience much outweigh a dirty rig’s harsh punch. There are a variety of cleaning products available to assist you with this task.

Allow the nail to cool before hitting your dab. You want the nail to attain a high temperature, but not so heated that you can dab concentration on it.

Begin with small dabs and gradually increase the size. People who are new to dabbing may not know how powerful a seemingly small dab may be, therefore it’s crucial to start carefully.

Gather the resin and keep it in a safe place for later use. Resin should not be discarded. If you ever run out of fresh cannabis to dab, this is the perfect back-up plan.

Benefits of Dabbing

Some of the most significant advantages of dabbing are as follows:

  • Cannabis concentrates are typically purer than other types of cannabis.
  • Dabbing generally produces less odor than smoking cannabis.
  • Stronger Flavor: When you dab cannabis concentrates, you get a stronger, purer, more terpene-rich flavor and a better overall experience.
  • Stronger High: You’ll experience the effects of cannabis considerably faster if you choose to dab over other options because of the high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids. People who use cannabis to treat nausea, chronic pain, or any other health issue will benefit from feeling the effects of the drug quickly.
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